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Beginning Monday, January 23, 2012, a background review and criminal history check will be required for all new employees, including part time and temporary (CC") employees in accordance with the Board of Trustee Policy (T10-008) on Employee Background Reviews which established this pre-employment requirement for University employees.

 The attached background review HR policy and guidance memorandum, approved by the Campus Leadership Council, outlines the campus’ background review process.  Background reviews should be conducted for successful applicants prior to starting work, however, the policy and guidance memorandum does provide for conditional offers of employment contingent on the applicant’s successful completion of a background review if there is an operational need for a successful applicant to begin working before the background review has been completed.  A link for applicants to review the background review policy and guidance memorandum can be found on the HR Employment Opportunities webpage at

 Applicants for faculty and exempt positions should be informed of the University’s background review requirement when the acknowledgment letter is sent during the search process.  You should use the sample acknowledgement letter provided by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (EO&D) for this purpose.  Applicants for non-exempt position will be informed of the background review requirement when they complete an employment application.  EO&D has also provided a notification statement that should be used for searches that are in progress. A copy of the notification policy should be given to individuals who will be appointed via a waiver of the search process.  As soon as you know a PI is planning to make a hire via a waiver request, the document should be given, emailed, faxed to the potential new employee.   This is now an important piece hiring process.

 The University has contracted HireRight, a leading provider of on-demand employment screening solutions, to conduct the background reviews and employment verifications.  Human Resources is responsible for coordinating the completed background reviews and adjudicating the results of the background reviews against campus standards as detailed in the policy and guidance memorandum.  Background reviews are expected to take on average 5 to 7 business days after the successful applicant has provided HireRight their written or digital consent to conduct the background review.

 A background review for new employees includes the following:

      - Education Report 

     - Employment Report (up to three previous employers)

     - Professional Licenses Report

     - Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor Report (criminal background history)

     - Social Security Number/Name Trace

 Human Resources will be providing executive area administrative officers and department personnel coordinators with the necessary procedures and forms to request background reviews for new employees.



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Sample Letter - background check notification
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Background Checks - Policy
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Notification of Background Review
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