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Employees must be on the UMass payroll before starting work. NO EXCEPTIONS!

All new hires must undergo a background check. IT CAN TAKE UP TO FOUR WEEKS FOR A POSITION TO BE PROCESSED.  Please plan accordingly.

Forms are listed to the right.   In order to use the interactive (fill in the form) component, you will need an updated copy of Adobe Reader. If you do not have a recent copy of Adobe, and do not wish to upgrade, then please print out the forms and return the hard copies to Jonathan Tominar-Lipari in 401 Tobin Hall.  Another alternative is to save the data and then attach it to an email.

Don't forget to fill out a "Required Information for Appointments."  This tells us the start and end dates, the funding information and how much you want to pay your employee.  Please remember, minimum wage has increased to $9.00 per hour.

Important – if you are hiring new employees/students who have not previously worked on campus, or who have had more than a six month break in service they MUST complete the Tax and the Federal I-9 forms prior to the start of workNO EXCEPTIONS.   This is a Federal law.  Have your candidate fill out the I-9 and other required forms at 325 Whitmore when they apply for your position.

Extremely Important -  For those paid on an hourly basis, in order to be paid Hours worked MUST be submitted by Thursday of each week to Jonathan Tominar-Lipari, Tobin 401. Time sheets must be signed by the employee's supervisor. The Time Sheets can be found outside of Jonathan's office. Those who miss the submission deadline must complete and submit a late pay form which must be signed by both the PI and the Chair of the Department.

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