Psychological and Brain Sciences Undergraduate Advising Center

Tobin Hall Rm 501

The psychological and brain science advising center is here to offer advice and answer questions for students pursuing a psychology major or minor or considering psychology.  Prof. Rahhal, Prof. Metevier, and Ms. Pahl are available to answer your questions on a walk-in basis.  We also have a wonderful group of student advisors who are happy to help!  You may find the advising FAQ helpful to learn about how advising works.  We don't assign you a specific advisor; instead you are welcome to see any of the advisors on a walk-in basis.  Click here to meet your advisors!

Because of federal privacy laws, advisors can only speak to students about academic records. If you would like for your parents or other individuals you designate to have access to your academic record, then you must complete the academic information release available at the advising office (Tobin 501).  That form must be on file at the advising office before we can speak to anyone other than the student about academic information.


We have added a new advising email address!  If you have an email inquiry, send your question to us and Prof. Rahhal, Prof. Metevier, or Ms. Pahl will respond.    

Advising Center Walk-in Office Hours:  

Undergraduate peer advisors are available for walk-in advice: Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 4:00 and Fridays 9:00 - 3:00.  You may always ask to see a faculty/staff advisor whose office hours are listed below.

Advising: 413 545-0377

Summer 2015 office hours:

Available in the Advising Center -- Tobin 501

Chief Undergraduate Advisor 

Professor Tammy Rahhal

Tobin 539 

By appointment


Tobin 539




Advising email

Individual email

Associate Undergraduate Advisor

Professor Christina Metevier

Tobin 502


By appointment

Tobin 502



Advising email

Individual email

Professional Advisor

Julie Pahl

Tobin 503


By appointment

Tobin 503


Advising email

Individual email

Undergraduate Secretary

Laurie Dove

Mon - Fri 8:30 - 4:30

Tobin 538



Other advisors available in their offices:  

Neuroscience Track Advisors

Professor Lori Astheimer Best

Professor Matt Davidson


Thursday 10-12 or by appt.

Tuesday 1:00 - 3:00

Tobin 530

Tobin 416





Clinical Psychology Advisor

Professor Marian MacDonald


Mondays, 10:20-11:00

Tuesdays, 12:50-1:10

Wednesdays, 10:20-11:00

Thursdays, 11:10-11:30

Tobin 614



Director of DDHS

Professor Ashley Woodman

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday

2:30-3:30 or by appt.

Tobin 509


Director of Undergraduate Studies

Professor Lisa Sanders


Tobin 429



Departmental Honors Advisors:                  

Please see the departmental honors webpages before seeking honors advising                 




Professor Rebecca Spencer

Mondays 1-2

Tobin 419



Professor Erik Cheries

Wednesdays 1:30-2:30

Tobin 407



Professor Bernhard Leidner


Mondays from 11:30-12:30

Beginning on Feb 6th, Fridays from 11-12

Tobin 639



Professor David Scherer


Tobin 610



Other Useful links:

    * Registrar's office FAQ (credits, transcripts, etc)
    * College of Natural Sciences
    * Commonwealth (Honors) College
    * Departmental Honors
    * Domestic Exchange
    * Study Abroad - International


Address all correspondence to:

Department of Psychology
Tobin Hall / Box 37710  
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003-7710