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1. Positive and Negative Aspects of Transracial adoption: Perspectives of Korean Transracial Adoptees
Danielle Godon (University of Massachusetts Boston), Patricia G. Ramsey

2. Culture Keeping or Cultural Tourism? Cultural Socialization in Transracial Adoptive Families
Xian Zhang (Tufts University), Ellen Pinderhughes

3. Adoption Confirms that God is in my Life: Links between Religious/Spiritual Commitment and Feelings about Adoption in Adolescents
Tobias Gale (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Harold D. Grotevant

4. Experiences of Microaggressions and Resiliency among Children with Same-Sex Parents
Emily Crain (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Rachel Farr

5. Contacts with Biological Parents following Child Placement in Foster Care: Associations with Security of Attachment and Externalization
Karine Poitras (University of Québec at Trois), George M. Tarabulsy, Lisa Auger

6. Bicultural Socialization Practices in the Netherlands, Norway, and the United States of America with Children Adopted from India
Maureen Riley-Behringer (Case Western Reserve University), Victor Groza, Wendy Tieman, Femmie Juffer

7. Relationship Adversity in Early Parenthood among Gay, Lesbian, and Heterosexual Couples Who Adopt Through the Child Welfare System
April Moyer (Clark University), Alyssa J. Henry, Kaitlin A. Black, Abbie E. Goldberg

8. Identity Development in a Transracial Environment: Racial/Ethnic Minority Adoptees in Minnesota
Emma Hamilton (University of Minnesota), Diana Samek, Margaret Keyes, Matt McGue

9. A Qualitative Study of Racial and Adoption Microaggressions Experienced by Adoptive Families with Children
Elliotte S. Harrington (Montclair State University), Julia Kimball, Andrew Kitchen, Jonathan Mazza, Zoey Shaw, Jadah Stephens, Jodi Wadell, Ebony White, Xian Zhang, Amanda Baden, Ellen Pinderhughes

10. Early Adjustment of International Adoptive Families Compared to Non-Adoptive Families
Chie Kotake (Tufts University), Jessica Matthews, Elizabeth Mullins, Rachel Katz, Ann Easterbrooks, Ellen Pinderhughes, Laurie Mille

11. Adverse Childhood Experiences Effect On Young Adults Chronic Stress Response
Karen Kalamkis (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Jerrold Meyer

12. Understanding the Cultural Values of Latino Adoptive Families in Southern New England
Julie Guest (Boston College)

13. Focus Group Attitudes and Opinions About the Potential Use of Genomic Sequencing as a Substitute for Biological Family History for Adult Adoptees
Samantha Wilson (Medical College of Wisconsin), Alison La Pean Kirschner, Thomas May, Kaija Zusevics, Kimberly Strong, Harold Grotevant, Samantha Wilson, Jessica Jeruzal, Arthur Derse, Carmen Knight, Michael Farrell

14. Dyadic Trait Fit in Adoptive Families
Bibiana Koh (Augsburg College), Martha A Rueter

15. Stigma and Foster Care: An Experimental Investigation
Deborah Denzel (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Marian L. MacDonald

16. Unpacking Racial Preferences of Young Transracial Adoptees from China
Daryl Cooley (Tufts University), Ellen Pinderhughes

17. Exploring the Psychosocial Adjustment and Parental Relationships of Ethiopian Adoptees: The Untold Stories
Dara Kruman (Boston College), Ruth McRoy

18. How Does Parental Anxiety Affect Children’s Self-Perceptions in Adoptive Families with Lesbian, Gay, and Heterosexual Parents?
Maggie Cunningham (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Rachel H. Farr

19. Trends in U.S. Adoptions: 2000 to 2009
Matthew Shuman (Child Welfare Information Gateway), Gene Flango


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