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The psychology department does not assign individual advisors.  Rather, you can meet with any of our faculty/staff advisors to help you with your concerns.  Just check in Tobin 501 and we will be happy to see you!  Often your questions are answered more easily and completely in person, but you can also email us questions.


Chief Undergrad Advisor
Tobin Rm 539

I have had the good fortune of working at UMASS as a Psychology professor and advisor for 7 years!  Before that, I was a faculty member at the University of Illinois and Trinity College – so I know the differences between navigating opportunities in a small college and a big university like UMASS.  I hail from Oklahoma and received my BS in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma (a school very similar in size and makeup to UMASS).  I received my MS and Ph.D. from Duke University. 

Although now I can’t imagine doing anything else with my career, this was not always the case.  When I was in college and trying to figure out “what I wanted to do with the rest of my life”, I made several wrong turns. Fortunately, I believe these past experiences help me when advising you on both these big issues and the little “ins and outs” of the major.  I look forward to working with you!


Associate Undergrad Advisor
Tobin Rm 502

Mostly I want to know about you and how I can be of help to you, but perhaps you want to know a little about me.  I am originally from Missouri, which accounts for my accent!  But I have spent many years in Massachusetts and am very happy here.  I was a psychology undergraduate at another big state university – the University of Missouri – so I have an idea of what it is like to be an undergrad in a big university.  There are both challenges and opportunities!  I originally thought I would be a clinical psychologist, but after taking some time off after school and thinking more about my own interests, I ended up coming to New England for graduate school in cognitive psychology.

Since then I have been teaching in both the US and in England.  At UMass, I generally teach introductory psychology and cognitive psychology.  My research primarily focused on implicit memory (how behavioral changes reflect that we have had previous experiences even though we may not consciously remember that information), spatial memory, mental imagery, and object recognition.  In recent years I have chosen to spend more of my time advising you rather than having an active research program.

I really enjoy helping you make your way through the major and giving you advice about your studies and whatever else you think I may be able to help with. If we haven’t already met, I look forward to meeting you!


Professional Undergrad Advisor
Tobin Rm 503

I’ve been associated with the UMass Psychology Department for 15 years. In addition to advising, I’ve done research in neuroscience as well as executing a number of administrative functions. I’m going to make it my goal to have the best candy dish in the department, so coming to see me can be productive, helpful and sweet.

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